Want to bring some sweetness to your next corporate event, private party, or glamorous soiree?  Contact a member of our event services team at info@makeyourlifesweeter.com to book us! We travel worldwide with our sweetness and specialize in customizing an experience for your guests. 

Sugaire All Natural Gourmet Cotton Candy is the most recent addition to the Make Your Life Sweeter® brand, which celebrates a gourmet twist to traditionally sized cotton candy. The company plans on launching this brand as “The Future of Cotton Candy,” changing the perception of this large candy treat by educating the consumer that Sugaire is only 1 tablespoon of uniquely flavored organic cane sugar.

Sugaire had its official launch in Fall 2015 at the New York Food & Wine Festival presented by The Food Network & Cooking Channel.  Sugaire Founder, Yasmeen Tadia, is also the inventor of Fluffpop, a miniature gourmet cotton candy company which launched in 2013. The creation of Sugaire, over two years after the creation of Fluffpop, stemmed from realizing that her son, Zain, was still drawn to traditional sized cotton candy while they traveled, which left her perplexed. Realizing that many people still crave “normal” cotton candy, she wanted to create something that was perceived as the typical childhood favorite, but wanted to use her innovative creativity to make it organic, hand-spun, vegan, and gluten-free. 

The Make Your Life Sweeter team spends a day in Annapolis at the Westin Annapolis with our Sugaire Cotton Candy infused into a sparkling water, our Hotpoppin gourmet popcorn bar, and our Sugaire Cotton Candy Affogato!